EverRise 5 Chains, 1 Supply

RISE: 0xC17c30e98541188614dF99239cABD40280810cA3

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On BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom & Avalanche

The RISE Token

Powering The EverRise Ecosystem

The EverRise token (RISE) is a multi-chain cryptocurrency that serves as the utility token for cross-chain transactions and interactions with the EverRise Ecosystem.

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EverSwap is designed to reduce sell pressure from the Swap and Liquify function in the contract. Start using EverSwap today!

Get RISE on Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Avalanche & Fantom blockchains all in one place!

Easily Bridge your RISE across all 5 chains at block speed!

A protocol designed for stability

Securing the ecosystem: How the The Automatic Buyback and Staking Protocol Works

  • EverRise Buyback

    Filling the Buyback Reserves

    The EverRise token (RISE) is stabilized by the automatic buyback and staking protocol on the five chains RISE is available. A 5% fee on each transaction (buys, sells and transfers) is collected and stored in the contract as a liquidity reserve (Buyback Reserves).

  • EverRise Burn

    Performing the Automatic Buyback

    The buyback function of the contract, also known as "The Kraken", is coded to automatically purchase RISE tokens off of the market using the native coins stored on the Buyback Reserves, to support the liquidity pool of each chain, reducing sell pressure and increasing buy pressure. The Buyback Reserves can only be used to purchase RISE tokens.

  • EverRise Rewards

    Distribution of tokens to the Staking Pool

    The RISE tokens purchased by the automatic buyback are immediately distributed to a high yield staking reward pool. Holders who have staked their RISE tokens earn a weighted proportion of the staking reward pool.

Migration Status:

98% total supply migrated to v3

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Ever Migrate

Utility of the RISE token

The RISE token is multi-functional: Being the utility token for cross-chain swaps and securing the ecosystem with its innovative buyback and staking protocol.

  • Cross-chain Utility

    Securing the Ecosystem

    With independent automatic buyback systems based on volume on every chain, the RISE token is able to keep stable and perform better than other coins during downward market trends. With our buyback and staking protocol, holders are incentivized to be diamond handed further securing the long-term success of the project.

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  • Rise is a Multi-Chain Token

    Cross-chain Utility

    The RISE token serves as the transfer token for cross-chain swaps at EverSwap’s Native Coin Swap feature. This feature is powered by EverBridge’s technology in the backend and makes it possible to swap native coins at the block speed across any blockchain that RISE token is available: Ethereum (ETH), BNB Chain (BNB), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX) and Fantom (FTM).

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Frequently Asked Questions

EverRise is a Blockchain Security company focused on the safety and security of all participants of the Crypto & DeFi space. The RISE token powers our suite of dApps and is available for trading across multiple different chains.

You can get RISE on the following DeFi Exchanges: EverSwap (multi-chain), UniSwap (Ethereum), PancakeSwap (BNB Chain), QuickSwap (Polygon), TraderJoe (Avalanche), and SpookySwap (Fantom).

EverRise's contract wallet (nicknamed The Kraken) can be deployed during times of uncertainty to add more stability to the price of RISE. In ordinary markets, this is executed in the form of stock repurchase and EverRise was the first to bring it to the crypto market. This gives RISE holders more confidence that their investment will retain its value even in a market downturn.

Since EverRise was originally built on BNB Chain and is used to power our suite of dApps, RISE is a token. Coins are built on their own blockchains and are used primarily in processing transactions (Think Bitcoin or Litecoin)

This is a Telegram favorite question!

EverRise's mission is to be the future of DeFi, everything we do is to make sure that individuals have peace of mind with their holdings. If you believe there is a market for that then there may be lambos in the future, or maybe not. Jokes aside, please do your own research before aqcuiring any token.

dApp is short for Decentralized Application. These are products that both individuals and projects can use that are powered by tokens that communities own. Our released dApps are EverOwn, EverBridge, EverMigrate, EverSwap and the NFT Staking Lab. EverLock, EverLaunch and EverWallet are under development.

DeFi is short for Decentralized Finance. Traditionally, financial products have been owned by a few financial institutions - we believe that the future financial products will be owned by communities. Without traditional financial institutions, the world of finance becomes more accessible and more equitable.