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On BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom & Avalanche

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Add an additional layer of security to your existing crypto wallet by securing your holdings directly on the blockchain. Plus, see accurate DeFi prices.

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About EverWallet

In DeFi, there should be no central authority that can block payments or deny access. This openness to all is a key characteristic that makes DeFi so promising. However, your wallet should have a central authority, you.

EverWallet is a complementary wallet to MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and other decentralized wallets, providing security enhancements to protect the assets inside by storing your tokens in a secure vault that resides directly on the blockchain.

EverWallet will ensure that even if your phone or laptop is lost or stolen, that you and only you will have access to your tokens and without the additional concerns that arise from losing your hardware wallet or having to carry it everywhere you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

EverWallet will act as a “firewall” in front of your wallet, residing on the blockchain. Unknown tokens that are sent to your address carry a higher risk of being part of a dusting attack and will be hidden by default.

No - EverWallet does not require nor have access to your seed phrase (private key). Never share your seed phrase with anyone, including EverRise team members. We, as well as our websites and dApps, will never ask for your seed phrase. Individuals and websites that do ask for your seed phrase are scam(mers).

Since EverWallet is still in development, the exact security features are being worked out. However, your assets will be protected in a similar way to how the bridge vault works to protect the EverRise supply to power EverBridge. EverWallet will also have the feature to add a secondary/backup wallet access in case you lose your private keys.

EverWallet will reside on the blockchain as a “smart contract”. As a result, it will be decentralized - Not residing on any private server therefore the dapp cannot be removed or erased. Your current wallet will act as a key to EverWallet.