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Weekly Wrap Up: V1 Liquidity Unlock, TVL Update, and More

Weekly Wrap Up: V1 Liquidity Unlock, TVL Update, and More

EverStats and EverChart won Best Use of Chainlink Technology in the Moralis and Avalanche Hackathon. Huge shout out and congratulations to Ben and Jason. Be sure to check out the award winning EverChart on YouTube and EverStats through the EverRise website.

Migration NFTs were released on May 17th for those who migrated from EverRise v1 to EverRise v2. Since release, we have minted 1,777 NFTs. If you haven’t minted yours yet, you can go to the NFT Staking Lab to claim your NFT! And speaking of NFTs, nearly 800 achievement NFTs have been minted so far.

Coinbase Wallet now supports both the BNB Chain and Avalanche. If you use Coinbase Wallet, you can store RISE/BNB and RISE/AVAX and swap directly within your wallet. Coinbase Wallet now supports 4 of the 5 chains that EverRise is on!

We have added another experienced member to the development team. We are focused on pushing adoption and the boundaries of innovation within this space with our dApps. At the core of it all is our built in house tech stack. With that said, I’m incredibly excited to share that we have added another experienced member to the development team.

EverRise is now a top-ranked DeFi Service by Total Value Lock (“TVL”) across all our chains according to DeFi Llama. We are ranked #1 for Fantom, #2 for BNB and Polygon, #3 for Avalanche, and we’re in the top 20 for Ethereum. This is something we’re incredibly proud of since TVL is considered one of the most significant DeFi metrics.

EverRise v1 liquidity is set to unlock on June 16th, 2022. We are counting down the days not only to our 1 year anniversary but also the liquidity unlocking on v1. There are nearly 1500 BNB currently in the v1 liquidity pool.

We strongly believe liquidity belongs to the community. We do not use our liquidity pools to pay staff or anything involving operations or development. Since our stakers have spread out across five blockchains, we want to distribute the v1 liquidity to stakers proportionately by the staked percentage of each chain. As we get closer to the unlock date for the liquidity, we will have more details on the specifics of how the liquidity will be distributed.

Since educational content is so pivotal to the mass adoption of DeFi, we have released 3 educational blog posts covering an array of topics from breaking down DeFi at its highest levels, Stable Coin Basics, and Liquidity Pool Basics. In addition, we had an education campaign in collaboration with BSC Daily about staking . Let us know if this was something you enjoyed since we are looking to do more campaigns like that in the future.

Jason has started a weekly series exploring web3 and the EverRise ecosystem. Every Wednesday, you guys can hang out with Jason live on either YouTube or Twitter and he’ll walk through various concepts in DeFi, breakdown some of the EverRise ecosystem, and also give you a bit of a behind the scenes look at things like Migration NFTs and Achievement NFTs.

Our subreddit has been upgraded to support editable user flairs. If you haven’t checked out our Reddit yet, be sure to look, and customize your user flair, and join in the discussion.

Winners from the EverSwap Game Round 2 have been announced and airdropped.

Have a wonderful weekend. For those of you in the States celebrating Memorial Day, have an awesome holiday weekend. I keep seeing things pop up on social media about the 9th mystery dApp, and this is just a reminder to continue to speculate wildly…