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Weekly Wrap Up: Market Turbulence, NFTs, and Ecosystem Adoption

Weekly Wrap Up: Market Turbulence, NFTs, and Ecosystem Adoption

First off, we hope you are all doing well. The market this past week has been incredibly turbulent. We know this may bring challenging times for all in the space so it’s important to take care of yourself and be aware of your mental health.

For EverRise, nothing changes. We have been able to hold up fairly well, considering current market conditions. We attribute this to the market confidence from the utilities we are creating and the confidence our community has in the EverRise ecosystem, shown by nearly 60% of the total supply staked for an average of nearly 23 months.

The focus has not changed. While the markets may be down, we believe this is a great opportunity for us to strap in and continue to build and ship great products. Over the past 11 months, we have shipped 5 great dApps and we will continue to deliver on our roadmap.

Over the past week, we have continued to onboard projects to the EverRise ecosystem. Adoption is looking good with STACKD, Red Knight Token, and Reflex Finance onboarding onto EverSwap in addition to Orbit not only onboarding onto EverSwap but also onto EverBridge as well!

We are also keeping up our in-person presence at events. Earlier this week, both Wasso and Jenn represented EverRise at Chainlink panels in New York and Los Angeles, respectively. They were able to share the stage with folks from incredible companies like Chainlink, Fantom, and Unstoppable domains. Jenn will be attending Consensus 2022, so if you are in the Austin, Texas area, drop her a DM!

This week, we released Achievement NFTs. Achievement NFTs are now claimable through the NFT Staking Lab for everyone who has an unlocked stake. Just a reminder, you must claim your achievement NFT before extending or unstaking your NFT Stake. So far, the community has claimed over 450 Achievement NFTs and that is only with the shortest 5 durations completed. We’re excited to see how this number exponentially grows as more stakes are created and even more unlock over the course of the next 36 months.

Have a wonderful weekend. During this time, be sure you take a break from watching charts and spend time with your loved ones! Continue to speculate wildly and keep crushing it on social.