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Introducing: EverRevoke

Introducing: EverRevoke

As you know, we are focused on bringing security solutions to the DeFi space and EverRevoke brings much needed utility for everyone to better protect their assets. We built this to empower people to take control of their wallets.

EverRevoke is a tool to review and revoke token and NFT permissions from a single place across multiple blockchains. Whenever you interact with a token or NFT, you approve access to the contents of your wallet. That access is typically unlimited. Since token approvals are so fundamental to participating in DeFi, it is not necessarily apparent that vulnerabilities are created.

There have been numerous exploits based on taking advantage of open token approvals. Many of these can be avoided by revoking active permissions that are not needed.

With EverRevoke, everyone can see the tokens and NFTs that currently have permission to their wallet. For tokens, you can now see allowances given and verify tokens via block explorer in addition to sites like CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap. For NFTs, you can easily access the smart contract via block explorer, see the token id, and what platforms you have given approval to. EverRevoke is available to check token approvals on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom.

EverRevoke Tutorial

EverRevoke Step One

Step One

Visit the EverRevoke page and connect your wallet on the chain you want to check token approvals for. Note: this is not a token approval

EverRevoke Step Two

Step Two

The dApp will populate with all current token approvals. You will see the contract address which links to the scan page, the amount of tokens that can be transacted with the approval, the protocol that was given the approval, and a button to revoke the approval.

EverRevoke Step Three

Step Three

Clicking on the Revoke button will bring up a summary of the approval. Clicking Revoke again will prompt a transaction with your wallet to revoke the permission from the blockchain. Since you are interacting with the blockchain, there is a minimal gas fee associated with the process.

EverRevoke Step Four

Step Four

After completing the transaction from your wallet, you can refresh the page to confirm that the token approval has been revoked.