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EverRise Distributor

It is our belief that liquidity belongs to token holders and as such we are excited to begin the V1 Liquidity Reward Distribution.

The rewards are RISE tokens purchased with the remaining v1 liquidity. When the RISE token first launched, the liquidity was locked for one year. After unlocking, the liquidity was used to purchase RISE tokens across the 5 blockchains for the best possible market rate.

Since holders have dispersed across 5 blockchains, the tokens to be distributed are being spread across the chains according to the ratio of veRise tokens (staked tokens * stake time). This is meant to mimic all stakers in a single staking pool. It does not matter which chain you are staked on, with #EverRise, we all $RISE together.

In total 1,423,556,077.5 RISE tokens will be distributed to stakers across the 5 chains. The distributor contract address is 0x3776B8C349BC9Af202E4D98Af163D59cA56d2fC5 on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom. The distribution and amount of tokens can be seen on EverRise’s EverStats page as Token Reserves for each chain.

To benefit longer-term stakers; the rewards per day increase over time, starting at the lowest amount and with the amount per day increasing at an accelerating rate as the distribution period progresses.

The distributions will need to be triggered by the community 480 times on each chain. The rewards will increase each time a distribution occurs, with the final distribution being the largest. Rewards can be distributed once per day from a time randomly determined during the previous distribution. The countdown for the next distribution event will be displayed in the UI.

The button to trigger the next distribution can be found under the claim tab on the NFT Staking Lab; it is the RISE logo and it will light up when a distribution is available. From there, you can quickly determine if you qualify to distribute, the current chain, number of tokens to be distributed, and how long until the next distribution can be triggered.

To trigger the distribution, the connected wallet must either be a current v3 staker or hold one of the EverRise Achievement NFTs (one or more of an OG Hodlr, V2 Hodl Pass, Staking Achievement, one of the Distributor NFTs). The transaction will only cost the gas needed to distribute the rewards. Each wallet can only trigger the distribution once per chain.

For successfully triggering a distribution, the wallet address earns the right to claim a Distributor Achievement NFT. Individuals can claim the NFT immediately or wait until later. They come in 4 different rarities, randomly chosen at mint. The minting fee is 10,000 RISE tokens + an amount of native coin. These NFTs are limited to 480 on each chain or 2,400 in total.

For more information, please refer to our original announcement available as a general overview or a more detailed technical breakdown. You can also ask questions during our Tuesday AMAs, Daily Community Twitter Spaces, or on any of our social media channels.