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Introducing: Staking Achievement NFTs

Introducing: Staking Achievement NFTs

The long awaited Achievement NFTs are (finally) here!

Stakers earn achievement NFTs by completing the staking period of an EverRise NFT Stake. Achievement NFTs vary based on the duration, denomination, and chain of the EverRise NFT Stake. Once the NFT Stake is unlocked, the new option ‘CLAIM’ will appear. After claiming, the Achievement NFT will live on the new ‘MEMENTOS’ tab in the NFT Staking Lab.

Achievement NFTs can either be claimed through the drop down menu on the Unlocked NFT Stake or after clicking on the NFT Stake to see more details.

Once claimed, Achievement NFTs can be transferred to a different wallet or traded on NFT Marketplaces. Additional functionality will be added in the future so that they can be bridged between BNB Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Fantom but will still show the original chain the NFT was minted on.

After claiming the Achievement NFT, the EverRise NFT Stake will be altered to denote that the Achievement NFT has been claimed. There is a small EverRise icon in the lower right corner of EverRise NFT Stakes that is removed when the Achievement NFT is claimed. If you are purchasing an NFT Stake on an NFT marketplace, you may want to keep this in mind.

If you previously withdrew a portion of the principal amount creating a Broken NFT Stake, claiming the Achievement NFT will auto-repair the NFT Stake which enables the option to transfer or trade the NFT again. The Achievement NFT will correspond to the amount of RISE tokens remaining in the NFT Stake.