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The EverRise Scavenger Hunt

The EverRise Scavenger Hunt

The EverRise Scavenger Hunt is a wild search to locate 12 secret words scattered across the Internet. Once all the words have been collected, one winner will be able to claim the prize.

We have hidden the 12 words of a seed phrase in different places. The first person to input the seed phrase into a decentralized wallet will win the prize inside: a Rising Narwhal NFT Stake (5,000,000 $RISE staked for 36 months)!

Search by yourself, or team up with others (and split the NFT with the NFT Staking Lab) to hunt down and locate the hidden words.

No clues will be given at any time, this is not meant to be easy. All we can say is that all of the hidden words can be located in areas where EverRise content can be found. Consider taking a deeper look into our previous social media posts across all platforms, press releases, our dApp interface, our website and its content, etc.

Anyone can participate! You do not need to be a $RISE holder to partake in the fun

Good luck to all players - may the best individual or team win!

**Contest will run until the prize is claimed.