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The EverRise Scavenger Hunt: 2nd Edition

The EverRise Scavenger Hunt: 2nd Edition

We are back with the second edition of the EverRise Scavenger Hunt!

The last one was solved a little quicker than expected so we tried to step up our game a little for this go around…

Up for grabs is a Rising Narwhal NFT Stake (5,000,000 $RISE staked for 36 months)!

See if you can find the 12 words of a seed phrase we have hidden everywhere we could think of. Once you find it, look carefully.

Feel free to go alone or team up with friends.

Anyone can participate! You do not need to be a $RISE holder to partake in the fun.

Good luck to all players - may the best individual or team win!

**Contest will run until the prize is claimed.