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Introducing Additional Safeguarding to EverRise NFTs via NFT.Storage

Introducing Additional Safeguarding to EverRise NFTs via NFT.Storage

The EverRise community has become captivated by the V1 Liquidity Reward Distributor button. Approximately once per day at a random time, one RISE holder can trigger the distribution on a chain to earn the Distributor Achievement NFT.

With 2,400 in total, this is our most limited NFT release so far.

Security is our number one priority. People should be empowered to keep what is theirs. To this end, we are integrating with NFT.Storage to better secure our NFTs. NFT.Storage is a partnership between IPFS and FileCoin All EverRise NFTs that are stored off-chain (i.e. everything besides EverRise NFT Stakes) are better secured this way.

The NFT data must be stored somewhere. Large files, pretty much any form of media, is prohibitive to store on the blockchain because of the astronomical gas fees required to move such large file sizes. To get around this limitation, only the identifying information is stored on the blockchain along with a link directing to the file stored on a server.

This requires trust that the file on the server stays the same. The blockchain is trustless. Everyone can verify for themselves that something is true. You do not need to rely on an edict from a central entity.

When information goes off the blockchain, such as storing NFTs on a server, the trustless nature of the blockchain goes away. You must now trust that the information on a centralized server is authentic.

There are two main issues: addressing and persistence. Both of these issues are addressed by NFT.storage which is enabling all off-chain EverRise NFT content preserved and made available on both IPFS and Filecoin.

IPFS solves the problem of content addressing. Traditional URLs point to a specific location on a server. If the pathway becomes corrupted, the file cannot be recovered. Content is linked through a unique fingerprint and can be served from anyone hosting the content.

Filecoin solves the problem of content persistence. Storage providers are given an incentive to keep data available and safe. This ensures the content can be trusted to be original and genuine.

NFT.Storage’s mission is to be the “Internet Archive” for NFTs making the storage and access of NFTs (from all ecosystems) a public commons.