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The EverRise Burn

The EverRise Burn

EverRise started off as a hyper-deflationary token. We pioneered the buyback with our buyback-and-burn protocol. Tokens were bought from the LP and transferred to the burn wallet. However, the burn was removed with the upgrade to EverRise v2.

When we upgraded to EverRise v3, we reintroduced a burn.

There is no contractual burn. Many other tokens have a set percent of their transaction tax dedicated to a burn. This type of burn is coded into the contract.

For the RISE token, the burn works differently.

EverSwap helps to avoid the swap and liquify function by collecting transaction tax in the form of the blockchain’s native coin. However, transactions performed outside of EverSwap still collect RISE tokens in the contract until swap-and-liquify is triggered after five million tokens have been accrued.

After swap-and-liquify is performed, those tokens are earmarked to be sent to the burn wallet to counteract the impact from those sells.

Burning from swap-and-liquify leads to a more responsible burn. Compared to runaway burns that occur more frequently, there is more time for supply and demand to meet a new equilibrium point.