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Removing the Project Sustainability Tax

Removing the Project Sustainability Tax

One of our main goals for the RISE token has always been to reduce the tax whenever possible.

We are proud to announce that we are ready to take another big step forward on this matter: We will no longer collect the 2% Project Sustainability portion of the RISE token transaction tax.

Additionally, we will be adding an extra 1% to $RISE stakers for the next three months. The total transaction tax on buys and sells is 5%, going entirely to the liquidity reserve, or Kraken.

We have already removed the tax on EverSwap. Next week, there will be a vote on EverOwn to return the smart contract for the EverRise team to apply this tax change directly to the contract. This will apply the new 5% transaction tax to all transactions of the RISE token including transfers and RISE supported DEXs: UniSwap, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, TraderJoe, and SpookySwap.

Liquidity added by holders to the RISE token should stay with the RISE token. When the changes are applied to all DEXs, transactions will stay completely within the ecosystem of the token. 95% of buys and sells will immediately go to the liquidity pool in exchange for tokens and 5% will go to the reserve liquidity pool to buy back tokens to be distributed among stakers.

Going forward, changes to the tokenomic tax will be governed by RISE holders through our vote-escrowed (ve) governance model. The ve governance model gives votes to those who have staked their RISE tokens based on the amount of RISE tokens they have staked weighted by the number of months the tokens have been staked, e.g. a holder with 1 million tokens staked for 6 months has 6 million votes. The number of votes is also shown by the total number of veRISE tokens they hold. veRISE contract address: 0xDbA7b24257fC6e397cB7368B4BC922E944072f1b