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Announcing Limited Edition Battle of the dApps Champion NFT Series

Announcing Limited Edition Battle of the dApps Champion NFT Series

To celebrate our victory in BSC News’ Battle of the dApps, we are releasing a limited edition commemorative NFT Series!

This new series of EverRise Mementos is limited to only 500 in total, minted exclusively on BNB Chain. There are 5 rarities to collect.

Minting is live as of 2:15pm EDT on Thursday September 1st. The mint fee is 0.1 BNB and 10,000 RISE.

BSC News Battle of the dApps was a competition between 9 projects building on BNB Chain. The projects were divided into groups of three with the winners facing off in the finals.

Represented by Peter, EverRise defeated Infinity Skies and DG Pals to advance to finals and face off against GMR, who defeated Floki and Hypermine, and Ten Finance, who defeated Mogul Productions and X-World Games.

We want to thank BSC News for hosting the event and the community for showing up for the community vote portion of the contest. We will continue to build and hope to work together with the other great protocols developing on BNB Chain!