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EverStake is EverRise's staking platform that allows RISE holders on all blockchains that RISE is available on to stake their tokens. Stake RISE to earn rewards from buybacks even when the lock period ends, and unstake with flexibility.

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Stake your RISE tokens now

Stake and earn a share of the tokens purchased via auto-buyback.

Stake RISE and join the safety net that supports the EverRise Ecosystem.

Rewarding the Diamond Handed with bought back tokens

RISE holders have the option to stake their holdings to earn a share of the tokens purchased through the automated buyback protocol. Tokens purchased by the auto-buyback will be distributed among all the stakeholders instantly.

Stake your tokens in month-long increments between 1 and 12 months and earn rewards proportional to the amount of tokens staked, weighted by the length of time you have staked your tokens. Keep your tokens staked once the time period unlocks, and keep earning tokens indefinitely in the same proportion.

Withdraw the tokens earned from staking at any time or leave them staked and take advantage of compounding rewards. Unstake with flexibility up to a 60% of your tokens staked (subject to a withdrawal fee).

EverStake and Earn Rewards

Earn infinite RISE rewards with EverStake

EverStake is an unique staking dapp that works only with the EverRise contract and brings a whole new staking paradigm never seen before in crypto.

  • Cross-chain Staking Pools

    Each blockchain that RISE is traded on will have an independent staking reward pool.

    • Buybacks on the Binance Smart Chain will be distributed to holders staking RISE/BNB.

    • Buybacks on Ethereum will be distributed to holders staking RISE/ETH.

    • Buybacks on Polygon will be distributed to holders staking RISE/MATIC.

  • Custom Staking Time Periods

    RISE Holders get to choose between 12 different time periods ranging from 1 month to 12 months.

    The longer a RISE holder commits to staking, the greater portion of the staking reward pool that individual will receive.

    RISE Holders will have the option of creating multiple staking entries. The amount of RISE to stake, the desired staking period and the time staking starts can be customized when creating each new staking entry.

  • Withdrawal Flexibility

    Up to 60% of staked tokens can be withdrawn before the end of the staking period and are subject to an early withdrawal fee which is distributed to the staking pool.

    • Withdrawals during the first half of the staking period are subject to a 25% early withdrawal fee.

    • Withdrawals during the second half of the staking period are subject to a 10% early withdrawal fee.

Flexible. Fair. Infinite.

EverStake is a unique staking dapp that works only with the EverRise contract and brings a whole new staking protocol only for RISE holders.

  • Infinite Staking Rewards

    Infinite Rewards

    When your staking time period ends and unlocks you will continue to earn rewards on your staked tokens indefinitely until you decide to collect your funds.

  • EverStake Compounding Technology


    Every time the distribution of tokens takes place, you will get rewards proportionally to the staked amount plus the rewards you have by that time.

  • EverStake NFT Non Fungible Token Awards

    NFT Rewards

    Earn Staking NFTs each time you complete a staking period. Collect them all by trying different staking periods with different amounts of RISE.

  • EverStake is flexible uwu


    Unstake with flexibility if you need to, paying a withdrawal fee. The tokens collected from fees go back to the staking pool and are distributed to all the stakers.

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EverStake integrates blockchains to let investors and projects move freely between networks within seconds. Available on the Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain networks, and soon Polygon.

Frequently Asked Questions

Using EverBridge, you can bridge your new RISE tokens between the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon. After bridging your tokens, you will be able to stake on the new chain.

There is no way to know the amount of rewards you will receive when you initiate your stake. The rewards depend on how many tokens you stake and for how long, how many tokens everyone else stakes and for how long, and the volume on the chain you are staking on. More information about staking rewards can be found here.

You can earn different NFTs by staking based on the length and amount you stake. There are twelve varieties based on the number of months you stake and there are twelve sets based on the amount of tokens you stake. There are also different versions based on the chain that you stake on.

You cannot add any tokens to a stake already in progress. If you want to stake more tokens, you will need to initiate a new staking period.

You can withdraw up to 60% of your staked tokens early subject to an early withdrawal fee. If you withdraw in the first half of your staking period, the fee is 25% of the tokens withdrawn. If you withdraw in the second half of your staking period, the fee is 10% of the tokens withdrawn. Tokens you have earned as rewards for staking can always be withdrawn with no fee.